Towing business is serious business

Towing businesses have been around for a number of years. Due to increased demand for this service there has been exponential growth in service providers. However, all towing companies aren’t created equal. Like any other sector of business there are guidelines that have to be followed when providing such a service. Different jurisdictions may have slight differences in their regulations but the general rules of towing safety remain the same.

Safe Driving

Generally, caution should always be taken when driving but greater caution should be taken when transporting other vehicles or heavy equipment. It is expected that drivers should have some level of towing experience in operating this type of vehicle. Extreme vigilance and awareness are required for a safe towing experience. Drivers should be patient with other vehicles and observe all speed limits when towing. Towing in adverse weather conditions also require an increase sense of caution and expertise especially in off road situations and accidents.

Secured Chains

It is imperative that there be a proper safety chain connection from the truck to the transported vehicle. After a vehicle is hoisted or ascends upon a tow truck all cables should be double checked and secured before driving to avoid any unnecessary incidents or damage to the on-board vehicle or equipment.

Fuel transport

Many tow truck companies now provide fuel services as one of their many motor assistance services. Although very important, care should be taken in the transport of these fuels.  These should be properly stored and carried in an approved portable container and tightly capped to avoid any spillage. Caution should always be taken when utilising fuel of any kind.

Towing business is a serious business and any reputable company will ensure that best practices are implemented and exercised to ensure its longevity. 800-2TOW is serious about providing the safest, reliable and most affordable towing services to all of its clients. Call 800-2TOW(2869).