The Evolution of Towing

Towing has become a more essential service and even a necessity in our commuting experience. The need for this service has increased drastically over time due to increased vehicular possession and hence increased road accidents. The methods of towing have also definitely evolved with time.

Years ago, experiencing roadside trouble involved waiting until a good samaritan stopped to provide assistance or even walking to find nearby help from a garage etc. Both of which were unsafe practices. Now due to technology and advanced methods, receiving assistance safely and quickly is just an app or cell phone call away. The towing process has also evolved with advances and upgrades in tow truck accessibility, variety and capabilities making it a more dependable, versatile and dynamic service. The trucks may range from flatbed to ‘wheel and chain’ to wheel-lift. The nature of a situation will determine the type of towing service that is required.

Emergency Towing

One of the main reasons for towing requests is in the case of an emergency. Due to increased vehicular activity day to day accidents are more likely to occur. A car accident can be a very traumatic experience leaving the vehicle inoperable and the owner stranded. The unpredictable timing may also increase the risks involved. To mitigate these risks, towing companies are now available and provide around the clock towing assistance to their clients.

Vehicle Recovery

Sometimes off-road situations may occur that may require a special type of recovery that only a tow truck can provide.


Additionally, towing services may be accessed by car dealership companies for the transport of showroom vehicles to ensure their safe arrival and that the vehicles are damage free. Industrial companies may also require towing of heavy machinery and equipment that can’t be transported otherwise. A failed battery or similar situation may also require a vehicular tow to an Auto Mechanic’s repair shop.

Going forward one can only expect towing service providers to become more innovative due to this increasing versatility of towing vehicles.

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