Road Safety Tips

Avoid becoming a statistic on the road. Many accidents happen daily due to the negligence of drivers. So much can be avoided if we all do our part, be vigilant and practise all that we have learnt including the awareness and consideration of others on the road.

Safety tips include:

Obeying traffic laws

Clearly traffic regulations are there to abide by and doing otherwise has consequences. Be aware of traffic signs and signals and obey them at all times, these obviously include acknowledging traffic lights and staying within speed limits. Use defensive driving and always be aware of what other drivers are doing on the road.

The vehicle’s condition

Drivers should ensure their vehicles are road worthy. The condition of the vehicle may be the determining factor in whether a threat may be posed to the driver, it’s passengers or the other road users. Airbags should be available and ready to deploy in the event of an accident. Seat belts and clips should be available, functional and warn at all times whilst in the vehicle, including car seats for infants. Checks for oil leaks etc, and overall maintenance of the vehicle should be completed regularly or as necessary.

Driver wellness

First and foremost there should be absolutely no consumption of alcohol before or during one’s journey. This is against the law. Ensuring that one is well rested and generally feeling well when operating a vehicle, taking necessary stops approximately every 2 hours especially if embarking on a long journey. These definitely assist in driver awareness and reaching the destination safely. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the use of cellular phones whilst driving and any other similar distractions. Multi-tasking interferes with being able to focus solely and completely on the road.

Plan Ahead

If possible, plan ahead for a journey. Having a general idea of the route to be taken can help avoid time wastage i.e. spending excess and unnecessary time on the road figuring out directions especially if in an unfamiliar location. A GPS system may be very helpful in this situation. Make sure that the vehicle has enough fuel and be aware of the location of nearby gas stations if necessary. Alerting someone of your whereabouts along the journey is recommended especially on long driving trips.

Road safety is nothing to be taken lightly. Everything should be done to avoid unnecessary accidents. However, if an accident does happen 800-2TOW is here to provide assistance always. We are simply a call away. At 800-2TOW we care as we have seen it all. Call us today!