Choosing the right tow truck

Like any other vehicle there are variations to be considered when choosing the right tow truck for the job.  Towing service businesses would possess the relevant types of tow trucks necessary to facilitate the nature of the services they provide.


This type of tow truck is the most popular and considered to be the preferred choice for most companies. With emphasis on vehicle safety, flatbed tow trucks minimise the damage that can be caused in the towing process especially in the case of existing emergencies. Also called a “slide” or rollback” as the name suggests the flatbed tow truck has a bed at the back of the truck which can be hydraulically moved to an inclined position and slides back to the ground to facilitate the safe placement of a vehicle. The flatbed transports rather than drags a vehicle along its course which can cause some damage.

Hook and Chain

Possibly the oldest type of tow truck and is not widely utilised as often as other options in some countries. This type of towing may however cause some damage to a towed vehicle. This truck uses a hook and chain, where the chain is connected to the frame of the vehicle and raises it from the rear. The vehicle is then dragged to its location.

Wheel- Lift

This is an advance over hook and chain towing however unlike the Flatbed this type of tow truck picks up the vehicle by the front or rear wheels and then drags it along its path. It is equipped with a wheel lift and utilizes a metal yoke that fits underneath either the front or rear wheels of the vehicle. The truck’s hydraulic lift hoists the vehicle off the ground which reduces potential damage. This type of towing is useful as it facilitates an ease in manoeuvring out of tight spots amongst closely parked vehicles.

Choosing the right towing truck is just as important when focusing on safety practices and choosing the right towing company.

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