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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us

Corporate Vision

To be the leading motor assistance services provider in the region.

Corporate Mission

To consistently surpass clients’ expectations with quick, professional and affordable services.

800-2TOW is a division of RF Solutions Limited which was established in 2005 and has a proven track record of client satisfaction. Over the years, 800-2TOW has established strategic alliances with some of the most reputable insurance, security and towing providers within Trinidad and Tobago. This provides our clients with an extended suite of specialised services at ‘market competitive’ rates.

We are proud to offer an extensive, well equipped fleet. Our state-of-the-art emergency response vehicles are all furnished with first aid kits, battery boosters, emergency supplies, tools and fire extinguishers. 800-2TOW’s drivers are fully trained and possess the skill and experience to minimise further damage to clients’ vehicles after an emergency pickup.

800-2TOW is dedicated to service excellence and as one of the premier Motor Assistance providers in the Region, has continually invested in technology, equipment, infrastructure and employees with the aim of always surpassing clients’ expectations. Our team of telephone operators are service oriented and are proficient in the operation of our digital database and cutting-edge PBX system.

800-2TOW prides itself on integrity. Our management team includes individuals with backgrounds in various fields including Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service and Information Technology. The team is:

  • Focused on serving the needs of our clients
  • Dedicated to building sustainable business with sound labour practices
  • Devoted to maintaining the highest ethical standards
  • Committed to ensuring that all services meet international protocols and best practices

800-2TOW’s policy to offer quick, professional and affordable services, along with our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction has cemented our position as market leaders and ensured that our corporate vision, is quickly becoming a reality.

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